Overige animaties

Inside the body. Music by Coen Witteveen. (2012)

Sea Creature. Music by Marcel Kujawski. (2012)

Ribs. An Animation about how beast-like we humans actually are. (2011)

Moves. Claymation set to music: Turnabout Jazz Soul - Great Revival. (2011)

Animation based on a Dutch poem: Een streep, by Toon Tellegen from 1941. (2010)

Verzet / Resistance. (2011)

An animation about a parasite. (2011)

Rhythm and me. Music: Turnabout Jazz Soul - objection. (2011)

Minotaurus and Cyclops. Animated diptych with a mythological theme. (2012)

Scared snail. A snail who is afraid of a shadow and falls. 
Music by Marcel Kujawski. (2012)

My selfportrait. (2011)

Watch better. An animation about our relationship with 'nature'. (2009)

Tjin Clang. (2012)

Typographical animation. Dialogue from the Lion King. (2011)

Experimental claymation. (2010)

On my way on a bicycle. (2009)